Parent Testimonials

"When we came to St. Timothy, we were in search of an academic experience that not only met our sons' educational needs, but their emotional, physical and spiritual needs as well. Their previous program allowed them to grow academically, but did very little to support the young men that they needed to become. In St. Timothy we found a spiritually based environment, overflowing with academic excellence that allowed our sons to exercise their gifts while daily being nurtured and guided in a life pleasing to God.
The faculty and staff at St. Timothy have committed themselves to ensuring that our children are loved, supported and encouraged everyday. We confidently leave our children in their very capable hands and we are so thankful for the blessed extension to our family that God has imparted to us through these wonderful individuals."
-Brandon and Lisa R.

"What I love about St. Timothy School is the Christian foundation my children receive everyday from an amazing staff. This foundation makes it easier to traverse through life today.
All of my children have experienced this nourishing, loving and caring school. I love the class sizes and the one on one attention my children receive. The staff is in direct contact with you and are always available to answer any questions.
I would recommend anyone to St. Timothy School."
-Marion T.

"We are extremely satisfied with the quality of education at STS. Our daughter is in the Pre-K program and will continue attending until she reaches the 5th grade. Our son, who is two years behind her, will soon attend. The student body is diverse and the climate is inclusive. The students are given ample opportunity to participate in afterschool and summer activities, such as chess, ballet, and an environmental club. STS offers more than just Parent-Teacher-Student meetings--they also offer "Family Fun Nights," which are engaging and fun. My husband and I are delighted with STS, and we openly encourage others to consider this wonderful (and affordable) opportunity!"
—Patience T.

"Our son, who is now a 5th grader, has been a student here for all of his school life. He entered St. Timothy as a Pre-K student. We have always been impressed with the dedicated and nurturing nature of the staff, as well as their ability to assess the individual growth and developmental needs of the students and implement programs accordingly. The teachers at St. Timothy have always treated the growth and development of the students as a partnership with the parents and have always provided timely and proactive progress reports."
–Jeff S.

"It was amazing to feel so welcomed from the entire staff. Our daughter’s teachers are very communicative about her education daily, whether positive or if there’s a concern. It allows us as parents to know what she’s experiencing and how to help or commend her in what she is doing. The teachers’ creativity is amazing. My (preschool) daughter learned a lot of the basics through hands-on games her teachers created. They also allowed her to bring them home and practice. The small class sizes were welcoming. STS has truly been a blessing."
–Sharon G